Corporate Fitness

Programs are designed and implemented based on the specific needs, goals, and budget of each company. Save corporate dollars, boost company moral, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism by implementing a comprehensive fitness program for your company. Some of the many services Personal Best can bring onsite to your corporation include:

  1. Onsite Corporate Fitness Facility
    We will design and staff a fitness facility and wellness program based on your goals and budget. Employees will have daily access to the facility, group exercise classes, motivation programs, mini-marathon training, triathalon training, smoking cessation programs, miracle makeover weight loss programs and much more!
  2. Onsite Group Exercise Classes
    Personal Best Fitness can come on site hourly to teach fitness classes based on the interest of the employees. This may include aerobics, yoga/Pilates, spin classes, stress reduction/relaxation, cardio kick boxing or strength training.
  3. Miracle Makeover “90 Days to a New You!”
    This is a 12 week program that meets weekly. The ultimate goal is to transform lives inside and out. Participants weigh weekly, log their food intake for 90 days, and are continually motivated and educated on the importance of exercising regularly and consistently at the appropriate intensity level. They are also taught stress reduction techniques, solitude, receive weekly nutrition handouts and a healthy menu design. It takes 90 days to break old habits and create new healthier ones. This program will create healthy habits that will last a lifetime which will enrich lives and heighten health and happiness.
  4. Mini-Marathon Training Program
    Mini-Marathon Training begins the first Saturday of the New Year and ends after accomplishing the Mini-Marathon Race. It is a comprehensive program that implements strength, flexibility, core stability and a periodization running program to achieve the Triple Crown and Mini-Marathon injury free!